Using Bookmarklet
The bookmarklet is a button for adding a bookmark of current page to
Right click Send to and select "add favorites.." or drag the link into the browser's bookmarks area.
If you use google chrome. You can install chrome extension instead of bookmarklet for the same function.
Adding bookmarks
On surfing, if you find a page to visit again, click the bookmarklet to open's "Add Bookmark" dialog.
click bookmarkletadd bookmark dialog
For frequently visited page, You can set hot key which has the highest priority in list search.
Submitting this form places new bookmark at the end of the list. Then move it to proper position and click "Save & Exit" button to finish.
edit like windows explorer 1edit like windows explorer 2
You can handle bookmarks like a familiar application. select, edit, move, delete, undo, redo and so forth.
edit like windows explorer 3edit like windows explorer 4
Using Bookmarks
If you visit not through the bookmarklet, you can see the bookmark list which you arranged. (If more arrangement needed, click "Arrange" button to go to the editor shown above.)
class anchor
You visit for moving to other site. Sometimes or often, keystroke is more convenient than mouse click. Just type hot key or some characters of the target bookmark name. No preparing action.
hot keytext search
If no additional keystroke within 0.7 second, the page is moved to the targeted site.
move after 0.7 secdone
If you want to search slowly or search by non-alphabet language, press "Esc" to open input box. Input some chracters to find target bookmark and press "Enter" to move to that site.
acronym search
You can traverse searched list by arrow keys and press "Enter" to move to that site. Double-click is also available.
Setting Your Startup Page
Most browsers provide the home button and the way to set custom homepage and open it on startup. But on new "tab", most browsers except IE have not the option for startup with custom homepage. You can set it through their add-ons such as New Tab Website for chrome.